Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 29 - 31 - Phase 2 and time to build

Well now that Phase 1 is complete and the cobwebs are out of the body, we're into building.  The first two days of phase 2 have been good, but we did notice the slight dip in strength on the first day back to push-ups, and what's with Tony springing his body into the air on those clapping ones?  I think we both stopped  in awe of that!

Back to Ab Ripper X as well, it is getting marginally easier but man is that thing hard.  But i guess doing 339 ab exercises in 17 minutes will always be hard.

On the relationship front, we are both really enjoying our evenings together and we are actually starting to plan what is the next program we'll do.  Insanity has come up so we'll see if we follow through and get that program going in the fall.  Needless to say, the 60-90 minutes a day together has really grown on us and is starting to fly by so I guess we're having a good time.

One final point, hats off to my spouse for her motivation last night.  I was in a pretty down mood and did not want to do the abs after the intense bicep/back work, to the point of saying to her I was not going to do it.  But by the time Tony cam back and started the first 25 ab exercises, she had me roped in and motivated.  

So thanks Sweet Pea!  I wouldn't have completed yesterday with your being there and coaxing me on to work my flabby gut!

And thanks to you for showing up!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Days 26 - 28 - It's P90X Yoga My Brother.

So our first Friday in town and we decided to take our rest day and head out for great dinner with our oldest, a really enjoyable and relaxing start to the weekend.

And while it was nice to switch up the rest day, our 5th yoga session last night was tough.  Maybe because we are pushing ourselves harder or maybe because we had too good of time Friday night.  Either way it was not the easiest of sessions, with both of us feeling the stretches, balancing and one-legged posses a lot more than I thought we would.  Question:  Does anyone else find those one-legged posses really difficult??

We are both definitely finding we are stronger, but are still waiting on the weight loss.  Can't say we have stayed on the diet per se, but we are eating healthy.  But the weight is not being shed.  We are being patient and can feel our bodies getting into great shape (quote by our oldest during Core Synergistics 'Mom, you are looking really good'  now there is motivation!).  If anyone has some tips/advice here on how to dump the gut but still eat enough to not be starving, would welcome it.

On to week 5 now and Phase 2.  Can't believe we've now done over 30 hours together, the workout is now so routine and comfortable (at least before/after, maybe not during).  It's part of our routine now and even our girls are used to Mom and Dad working out every night in the basement.

Well, let's see what Phase 2  brings and thanks for showing up.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Days 21- 25

Ok, so you can see how busy things have gotten with life and P90X, I've missed my duties in keeping up with this blog for the week.

Well, we're back and it's week 4, which for those who know is a slower week, not going to say rest week with Core, Yoga and Kenpo there isn't much rest, but with Stretching tonight and no arms, shoulders, back or legs all week it does give us a bit of a break.

The past few nights have been great as we both start to actually understand all the moves for Kenpo and can put real effort into it.  We are both becoming pretty good with the punches and kicks and have managed not to mame one another with it (our basement is not that big, yielding some close calls).  I tell you, with this Kenpo, you have to wonder if a P90X Fight Club will start up!

We were speaking last night about how we are starting to see some couples drift apart or go through mid-life crises (yes, we are at that age).  The question came up as to why were not feeling that happen.  We both think that we continue to do things together and like each others company.  This program and our commitment is a great example of it.  As i've mentioned, spending over 7 hours a week together, in addition to our regular routine, is quite astounding.  So if your looking for something to do together and are willing to commit, I tell you this is one great way to go.

So, on to Core tomorrow and another Yoga on Saturday then it's into week 5 when i understand the intensity picks up!  Bring It Tony!

Thanks for Showing Up.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 20 - Real People - Really Us

Kenpo on Saturday night, the end of week 3 and boy did we ever sweat it out.  As Tony says, 'Real sweat, real people'.  This got me thinking, this is really us (my wife and I) showing up together every night, being ourselves, letting it all out, in our house.  And that is the big thing, it feels real, grounded and right.  We are taking care of ourselves and being ourselves.

So, Kenpo (or Ken-Pow! as I like to call it), felt good and we actually started to get the moves down, or at least understand what we were supposed to do.  I mean, come on, those 4-move combos aren't tiring but they sure are confusing the first time you do them .  I'm surprised that we didn't hit either ourselves or each other (not that we wanted to hit each other) but throwing around a lot of side kicks in the same room together can get dangerous!  We made it through the whole session with no injuries and thankfully the time flew by.

Now onto week 4 tonight, and the start of a new 1-week routine.

Thanks for showing up!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 19 - Quality over Quantity

As I mentioned yesterday, last night was the mad dash north after work, followed by Legs and Back.  The first thing I hear Tony say is ‘today is about quality over quantity’, well that’s good as both of us are exhausted and I’m in a bit of a mood that draws more than one glare from my wife.

So, slipping the disc into the player we start at 9pm, after a 2 hour drive north and trying to get the kids to get to bed.  We’re in the middle of wall squats, legs quivering from either being tired or still asleep from the drive, not sure which.  We’re getting into a zone with Tony when he says ‘Crimp my hair Mom!’, guess that was our oldest daughter, not Tony!

Finally get the girls to bed and we push our way through, trying to focus on form and quality.  Chair and single leg wall squats go well, 80/20 and speed skater not so well as our balance is off and we’re both having to re-gain it.  Today is day 6 for week 3 and also end of ski race season, thank god.  We’re looking forward to the day off tomorrow and hopefully our energy returns Monday.

On the personal side, we’re both enjoying being with each other each night, despite my mood last night and being exhausted.  High-fiving at the end and being proud of each other.  So Tony, we’re getting both time together and a lot of it, over 7 hours a week.   It’s not quality over quantity, but quality AND quantity, for our relationship.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 18 - Quick Update

You'll notice the new picture for our blog.  After chatting with a friend over lunch the decision was made to focus the blog on not only our working out but on how its (positively) affecting our relationship.  I like the humour of this silhouette, even though we never get in any arguments :-), think it brings more what the blog is about, the journey of us.

So Show Up tomorrow's and our post will let you know how our crazy Friday night goes, both for the workout and what happens with us!

Day 18 - This Cobbler doesn't need foot spray

Yoga last night, 3rd time through it and really like it.  Not sure why I have not done yoga before, it feels really great on this old body and other than the ab work at the end (why can't we do that first to get it over with??) I really look forward to it.

Two poses stick out in my mind for no particular reason: The Cobbler and The Ploughman.  In his usual way Tony cracks a joke about needing foot spray for the Cobbler.  Well Tony, this boy needs no foot spray as my gut and inflexibility stop me from getting close enough to my stinky feet to worry about it!  And while I couldn't touch my feet to the floor over my head during the Ploughman, that pose felt really good!  I don't think I have stretched my back that much since those football days (funny enough this was a pose we had to do in football, but we'd never call it 'The Ploughman' for obvious reasons of juvenile behaviour that would accompany it).  

So, overall a great session again last night with my lovely lady friend, and I must say that spending about 1.5 hours every night doing exercises with my wife is worth the effort right there!

On to our Friday night session tonight.  This is such a fun one as we have to get home from work, pack for the weekend, get some sort of edible substance into our kids mouths, drive 2 hours (weather permitting) to get up north for the weekend skiing.  Unpack, maybe have to clean up the dog vomit in the car and get 'Bringing It'.  Not complaining (ok maybe a little) but makes for a long Friday night :-).

Over 200 visits now so thanks for Showing Up.